If the people born in these domains - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - embody the qualities of their triplicities, it must be plain to the thoughtful student that the cause of many an unhappy marriage can be traced to the attempted union of uncongenial elements. This has always been ascribed as a reason, though until recently very vague notions have been held in regard to the causes of such uncongeniality.

We have witnessed the most crucial suffering of married people, for which neither wife nor husband could ascribe any adequate cause. We have observed the quick repulsions which have taken place after marriage, and which grew into unendurable hatred. We have seen the constant wife broken-hearted because of her husband's inconstancy, and faithful, noble husbands made miserable by their wives' extravagance, selfishness, and dishonor. But that there was a scientific explanation of such conditions has not been understood until lately.

If this explanation is found in the Zodiacal Domains, we must logically find in these domains the prevention of marital misery. If, for instance, one born under the head of a certain triplicity - we will take Aries, the head of the Fire - understands that it is unwise to marry one born under the head of another triplicity, and will carefully look into the reasons, a great deal of trouble will be saved.

Persons born in the domains of Fire and Water should not marry unless there has been a thorough spiritualizing process. Water will put out fire, but fire can have little effect upon water. Marriage in these domains means usually splutter and spatter, hiss and steam.

Fire and earth get along better together. The earth is cold, and likes and needs the vitalizing and vivifying flame, and fire likes to give of itself. Still, the greatest care is necessary even here, because fire is impetuous and dominant, and we may add domineering, and expects a quick response, which the earth is not always ready to give.

Those who think of uniting these domains in marriage should carefully investigate the signs under which they were born, and conscientiously examine themselves in relation to their adaptability to the new residence which they are expected to enter. The glamour of courtship is not always a safe light.

Fire and air are not always congenial elements. They have the same inspirational desires and aspirations, but they are both volatile, and sometimes the natural independence of air, as well as its scattering qualities, prevents it from coming satisfactorily under the influences of fire. Persons from these domains make good comrades and neighbors, and are splendid workers in all reform movements. Marriage is advised between certain signs in these domains, and the information will be found in the proper place.

Earth and Air are not particularly congenial elements. Earth takes Air as a matter of course, and Air is apt to feel its superiority as the breath of life.

Earth and Water mingle fairly. Mud is sometimes the result, but still it must be remembered that water moulds the earth. From the blending of these elements spring all the things that minister to our necessities and make the face of the earth beautiful.

Air and Water are always more or less hostile elements in the marital relation. Air people scatter, and Water people are restless. They have no more affinity for each other than a robin and a goldfish, an eagle and a whale. This, like all the rest, applies to the average undeveloped human being.

The wise reader will look into these matters and decide whether these deductions are mere theories or the truths of a great natural law. He will bring his reason to bear upon the characteristics of the domains, and by a simple process of intelligence will be able to decide upon their blending qualities.

Good common sense and observation will be sufficient to prove the truth or the fallacy of the claims made for these domains, though scientific accuracy is very desirable because overwhelmingly convincing.
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Author: Jimmy Cox