Arab tradition, marked the beginning Hizib word refers to something that "throng" and "clique". That is the consequence there is the word "Hizbullah", meaning "a set" of the troops who fought in the name of God. But Hizbullah own words sometimes also used to call the angels.

Still fresh in our memories, when the Prophet and his friends battle against the idolaters in the moon, God deliberately bring 5,000 troops as reinforcement of sign white, they are the angels (Hizbullah)

Hizib own words sometimes also used to call "a gloomy berarak" or "remains cloudy." Such hizbun min al-ghumum (some or a group of gray)

Turns to the next word in hizib tradition thoriqot or developing in pesantren (islamic school)is to "mark" a reading-specific reading. For example hizib read Friday; are wirid-specific wirid read Friday.

For the next, meaning hizib is wirid itself. Or can also mean munajat, there hizib Ghazaly, Hizib Bukhori, Hizib Nawawi, Hizib Bahri, who each have their own history.

Sheikh Abu Al-Hasan asy asy Syadzily famous as a series of prayer has many fine and beautiful, as rich as treasury hizib-hizibnya. One of the famous hizib his first since up to now is hizib Bahri and hizib Nashor. Both hizib is diamalkan by many Muslims around the world, especially ulama-ulama large, despite some of them do not follow thoriqot asy Sheikh.

Bahri Hizib which means that on receipt hizib asy asy Sheikh Abu Al-Hasan Syadzili directly from the Prophet SAW associated with the sea in which there is no wind. History hizib Bahri received is as follows:

At that time, Sheikh Abu Al-Hasan asy asy Syadzili middle perjalan perform the Hajj to the holy land. That one must travel across the red sea. To cross the ocean sedianya that he will ride the boat belonging to someone who is Christian. He also will sail though with different goals asy Sheikh. However, the situation on the sea waku that there are not enough wind to run the ship. Such a situation occur until many days, so perjalannapun be delayed. Until the end of a day, met with Sheikh asy of Rasulullah SAW. In that meeting, Rasulullah SAW directly teach hizib Bahri in dictation '(dictation) to asy Sheikh.

After the new hizib Bahri he received from the SAW Rasulululah he read, and then he told the owner that the boat is leaving and running perahunya. Knowing the situation that is not possible, because the wind needed to run the boat is still not there, people do not want itupun the command asy Sheikh. However asy Sheikh told that the boat remains diberangkatkan. "Come on, leave and run perahumu! now it's time the wind came, "said Sheikh asy to the man. And the fact is correct, the wind slowly began to breathe, and finally perahupun can walk. Alkisah short stories and the Christian states itupun ago entered islam.

Said Sheikh Abdurrahman al Busthomi, "Hizbul Bahri is already held in the earth's surface. Bahri hizbul flag waver, and in mosques. The scholars have said that hizbul Bahri contain Ismullohil 'adhom and some of the very noble secret.

In the book Kasyf al-Zhunun `an al-Pole Asami wa al-Funun, Haji Khalifah a librarian famous origin Constantinople (Istanbul Turkey) write a different warranty given asy Sheikh Abu Al-Hasan Syadzili with Hizib Bahrinya this. Of them, according to Haji Khalifah, Sheikh asy Syadzili once said: If hizibku (Hizib Bahri, Red.) Read this in Baghdad, it was certainly not akan jatuh. Perhaps the asy Sheikh Syadzili with the fall of Baghdad there is a fall into the hands of the Tartars.

Bahri Hizib when read in a place, then it will termpat avoid catastrophe, says al-Sheikh Abu Al-Hasan, as written in Kasyf Haji Khalifah al-Zhunun.

Haji Khalifah also cite scholars-scholars comment on this Hizib Bahri. There, that people who read Hizib Bahar istiqamah, it does not burn off or be lost. When Hizib Bahri written on the wall or the gate house, it will be protected from the meaning of ugly people and so on.

Perhaps, people who practice with continuous Hizib Bahri, akan get protection from all the troops'. In fact, if there are evil people who intend menyatroni want her home, he will see the sea water that is very knowledgeable. Si penyatron akan make the withdrawal movement of the pool will get power from ocean swallow. When in the evening, he will continue to make token pool until morning the owner arrived home and menegurnya.

Many of the comments, both from Sheikh Syadzili ASH and other scholars about the magical Hizib Bahri written in Kasyf Haji Khalifah al-Zhunun volume 1 (on the entry word Hizb). In addition, Haji Khalifah also states that Hizib Bahri has disyarahi by many scholars, including Sheikh Abu Sulayman al-Syadzili, Sheikh Zarruq, Sulthan and Ibn al-Harawi.

As presented in manaqib asy Sheikh Syadzili, that towards the end of his life, asy Sheikh has been to make disciples that he was their child, meaning the students thoriqot syadziliyah, that practice hizib Bahri. However, to practice Hizib this should be through talqin or diploma from a teacher who has taught for the authority. Someone who does not have any authority not entitled to give hizib or taught to other people. This is a adabiyah or ethics dilingkungan world thoriqot.

In Thoriqot Syadziliyah Map Tulungagung, each practice aurod, wirid and hizib always begins with the intention and the word "Lillahi ta'ala," every student should not ask what fadhilah and benefits of wirid or hizib, because it can reduce or eliminate sincerity. Map for Syadziliyah Jamaah Tulungagung Hizib function itself is to re-Hizib himself, for merontokkan sex nafsunya, so that it can wushul to God. That is the goal berthoriqot people, because if not for the purpose of God (not Lillahi ta'ala) then it will be between the Hijab itself with God, not even close to the more remote from Allah SWT, naudzubillahi mindhalik.

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